Thursday, January 5, 2012


Our son Aiden used to be on a schedule back when we lived in England, but since we left he's never gotten back on schedule. We've just made sure to do the same routine in the morning when he gets up and again at night for bedtime. Since he'll be turning 2 in four months I thought about putting him back on a schedule to where I add things to his day like learning time where we use flash cards to tech him the alphabet, animals, body parts etc, read to him more (its hard to read to him cos he wants to turn the page after 2-3 words or he wants to throw it/chew on it.) and have arts and crafts. I'd also like to get him back to eating right. I feel bad to how his eating habits have gotten. He's so picky and doesn't seem to like much of anything except junk and even then he doesn't eat much of it. (he's more into playing/exploring.) So, I'd like to get him started on eating better so that he doesn't take those bad eating habits and go into the future w/them and become obese.(which he prolly won't cos like I said he doesn't eat much when he does eat something he likes.)

For myself I would like to get back on track w/ my diet. I pretty much fell off the band wagon during the holidays and want to get back on and add some exercise to my regimen. I would also like to start experimenting w/ fondant and gum paste so I can get more into decorating cupcakes for my business and just for fun. I mean come on who doesn't like to make something cute and yummy? And I'd like to be able to start actually doing crafts and not just things w/ my little one. 

So there you have it, changes I would like to make for this year. Also sometime soon we will be moving out of our apartment and into an actual house. I would like to have a yard so Aiden can go outside and play and we wont have to worry about dog poo (the residents here at the apartment take their dogs walking here and there's poo all in the grass.) or noisy neighbors. When that happens I will be showing you our or I should say MY journey on decorating our home.

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