Friday, January 6, 2012

Craft Room Inspiration.

I was going to wait to look up ideas for when we moved, but since we are having to wait till our lease is up (which is may of this year) I thought I'd get started on looking up ideas. The first room I decided to look for ideas was our office/craft room which happens to be our 3rd bedroom. And here are some of the pictures I found that I really liked:

I'm really loving the 2nd picture. It looks so classy and clean and since I already have the desk, a chair that looks just like that one and a zebra print rug I thought I'd go w/ that one.  My second choice would be the 4th picture, but since I am sharing the space w/ my husband I asked for his opinion and he thought the 2nd one was just right for me :)
Now that I have some inspiration I just need to get in there and get it all cleaned out cos right now it's a total mess....

                                          View from doorway. 
                                  My husbands side and him doing what he does best...W.O.W
                                      Our printers...they really need to get up out of the floor.
            Some things we need to get rid of, our fan and my shabby chic corner cabinet.

My side of the room. Everything ends up on MY desk and becomes a great big uber mess which I can't stand.
                                                       And our messy unorganized closet.

So, there you have it. Our mess of a room that I am totally embarrassed about, but hopefully that will turn into this:
Not sure as to what to do w/ the hubby's side, but you can be sure it will be cleaned up and organized!