Monday, December 19, 2011

5 days till Christmas!

This year I have my mother, her fiance John, my sister and her husband all coming for Christmas. I'm pretty excited and a little bit stressed out due to all the things that need to be done around the house. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so when I have anyone coming to stay or just coming for the day (doesn't matter who it is) everything needs to be clean from top to bottom and of course I cook, bake and decorate if the occasion calls for it. It can be pretty tiresome task when you have a toddler underfoot that wants to be held every 3 minutes or goes and does something to make it seem like he hurt himself so I can can pick him up and "kiss it better" and if I don't he throws the biggest fits so then of course I stop what I'm doing and  go calm him down and try to make him happy only to find 3 minutes later it happens all over again.....

Anyways, I was wanting to do a homemade Christmas this year and had all these gifts in mind to do, but w/ us being on a tight budget (at the time being) I was unable to get all the things I wanted to be able to make homemade gifts, so we are doing a kind of "low budget" Christmas. We bought some Christmas decor from the Dollar Store and a couple other things from Big Lots along w/ gifts and a few gifts from Target. I still have to go out and get the supplies I need to make a wreath and to do the table setting. Also have a couple more presents to get, but my mother says "lets go shopping when I get there!" So when her and John come in on Friday we are going shopping for gifts and for Christmas dinner. (not really something i look forward to due to the crazy last minute shoppers)
But before they come I have a little more cleaning to do! I've got a mountain of laundry that needs to be done, wipe marks off the walls that my little one put there, clean the bathrooms, windows, tv and computer screens (little person finger prints/ and I need to clean out and organize the office cos its just a big unorganized mess which I can't stand. Plus "if" and that's a BIG "if" my granddad decides to come I want there to be enough room for everyone. I also have a big Christmas order to full fill and I always bake goodies and pass them out to either neighbors, send them off to work w/ my husband or like this year I thought about taking some treats down to my dr's office. With everything that needs to be done and things that seem to pop up and keep me from getting things done I may not get to bake any special Christmas treats to hand out this year. We shall see though.

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